Steroid Free Ways to Build Muscle

If you are trying to find a steroid free way to build muscle there are numerous products available to you in the market like Melanotan-2 but you need to educate yourself on how the body works before taking anything. The reason you need to familiarize yourself with how your body builds muscle is so you can fully appreciate the benefits of these supplements.

Muscle Building 101

Our body is composed of bones, fat, muscles, tendons, and water. In order to build more muscle we need to stimulate the muscle building elements of our body.


·    Step 1 is forcing the muscles to strain. When we lift weights and work out we are forcing the muscles in our body to strain. During this “straining” the muscles are going to experience micro-tears which is what makes our muscles feel pain after a good workout. After we have completed the workout our body will begin the healing process and this is where new muscle is built.

·    Step 2 body released human growth hormones into the blood stream. These hormones tell your muscles to draw in protein so the muscles can begin to repair themselves. While being repaired the muscles will also increase in strength. In order to maximize the muscle building your body needs to release a large amount of human growth hormones. If you are not producing enough human growth hormones then products like Melanotan-2 can give you the edge you need.

While your body is recovering you will need to ensure you are getting enough water to promote the healthy functioning of your body. The majority of people drink liquids that are packed full of calories so we gain weight while at the same time deprive our body of the water it needs to function properly. By increasing your water intake your body will be able to expel toxins while helping promote the development of new muscles.

Importance of Eating Right and Getting Enough Sleep

We all want immediate results when trying to build muscle and in that blind desire we overlook simple things that have a profound impact in our ability to build muscle.  One of the most important activities you can engage in when trying to build muscle is to get enough sleep. The rat race we are living in wreaks havoc on our overall health and well-being. If you do not get enough consistent sleep then the hormone levels in your body start to change. These hormonal changes negatively impact your ability to build and retain muscle mass so you need to adopt good sleeping habits as soon as possible.

Along with getting enough sleep you also need to develop healthy eating habits. By eating a well-balanced diet your body is going to have the right amount of protein it needs to sustain muscle development. The trick to building muscle is there is no trick, aside from taking human growth hormones the only clear path towards success is working out hard and often. If you stick with it long-term you will see results.

Using Large Chinchilla Cages

Chinchillas are a challenge to keep but it is better to handle the situation if you have a cage of the right size. These are pets which need a good bit more attention and care than other pets. Hamsters may be a different story, but chinchilla care is indeed an art for such lovely and precocious creatures. One of the first things you will want to consider is the size of the cage. Chinchillas are acrobatic animals so they do like to move about. Discover more about KBMDC and how this organization applies to your own pet care. When you have some more information, it is easier to make the right selection.

Since these animals like some space, larger cages are the best bet. You probably have the space for it. Otherwise, if the cage is too small, the chinchillas will feel crowded and limited. They will not have the best health and they will begin to chew on themselves and act neurotic. In fact, it is well known now that such animals need a good bit of space to be themselves and have good health. Your chinchilla health bill would go up incredibly and then it would not matter what kind of cage you got. So, keep it simple by getting something with a minimum of six feet of square footage.

Please understand that this is the cubic footage needed for each chinchilla, not all of them. Depending on how many animals you have, you will need a different size of cage. Chinchillas need to be able to stretch and move around. It is their nature to be active like that so you want to create some good space for them to exercise those strong hind legs.. They need to be in an environment which supports their natural movements of bouncing and jumping. A good area with plenty of space is preferable to a small and cramped cage, especially for better health and longevity.


The benefits of larger cages should never be overlooked. Chinchillas are not accustomed to being cramped up in a tiny cage. With larger groups of animals, there is a need for socialization and an order of behavior. Smaller habitats will cause serious issues for the animals. With a larger cage, you can allow them to create their little society with ease and grace rather than with health problems and social disorder. Your Chinchillas will be much happier and you already should know they do get irritable when they are wrought with impaction problems and other health disorders due to tight cages.

Much like people, if chinchillas do not get enough exercise, obesity and joint problems result. This will boost care costs to an uncomfortable level and leave you wondering what you did wrong. The good news is you can get larger cages and just let them get the space and exercise they need to live and thrive. In the end, you will save money and have happier, healthier chinchillas with some room to be athletic.